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Conquering Faith Assembly

Feeding the flock is our major responsibility. We get our audience acquainted with all bible doctrines.

We are determined to spread across the globe. Our messages are deliberately modeled to accelerate understanding with a view to winning more converts for the lord. We highlight holiness, and holy living, yet we romance with sinners in order to bring them to the faith.


Pastor Godspower Edo

Senior Pastor of Conquering Faith Assembly

I have been constantly awed by the measure of God’s love for mankind. And it must be this kind of immeasurable love that would have manifested into such infinite grace and mercy. This forms a part of what gave birth to the ministry. God is love, and everything about him is love.


Weekly Triumpet

Weekly Trumpet is a concise scripted sermon tailored in the Fashion of scriptural details. It is a representation of compressed and comprehensive analysis of bible facts containing verifiable truths that are not obvious on the surface.

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Humble Yourself Before God

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II CHRONICLES 7:14 Humility before God is when one admits his sins, errors, faults, and shortcomings without resisting God; when one drops the big religious and worldly titles that make…

The Place of the Blood (Heb 9:22)

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Right from the beginning when God himself clothed Adam and Eve with animal’s skin after they ate of the fruit they were forbidden to eat, it became obvious that animal’s…

Our Statement of Beliefs

Salvation by grace is God’s Grace through which one receives forgiveness of sins and all sins remitted. This is a product of Faith in the only begotten son of God. The benefit of salvation is highlighted in the depraved nature of man who was subject to God’s wrath and condemnation.


Hour of Liberation

Hour of libration is a moment of deliberate freedom for the oppressed through the invisible hand of God coming through the broadcast and its follow-ups in the precious name of Jesus.