About the Ministry, Founding Ideas & Key Ministries

I have been constantly awed by the measure of God’s love for mankind. And it must be this kind of immeasurable love that would have manifested into such infinite grace and mercy. This forms a part of what gave birth to the ministry. God is love, and everything about him is love.

Conquering faith Assembly is a cry born out of a burden for the church of Christ: a burden and desire to redirect believers’ attention to the second coming of our lord, Jesus Christ. It is on this wise that the ministry has taken up initiative to join hand with other existing ministries to raise an end-time army that will deliver the body of Christ from the present embarrassment created by general luke warmness. However, the ministry has given a measure of attention to the needs of the time. Without mincing words, it is obvious that the popular topics of public discuss in present time are warfare, war against demons and evil spirits, war against poverty and lack; war against sicknesses and diseases etc. But to make our victory over these negative forces more real, the believer needs something of eternal value to compliment this victory over the wicked forces of darkness. The following key ministries are therefore
created for the purpose of fulfilling the gospel mandate of: ‘’ pay any price, do not spare any opportunity, but use every good weapon to win them to Christ ‘’

» Women ministry » Youth ministry »Children ministry

Our Vision

God has entrusted us with such enormous task and mandate thus the articulated Visions below:

  • The ministry has the vision of sensitizing the people about the robbery that is currently taking place in the spiritual realm.
  • We embark on a mission that will liberate the oppressed from repeated failures.
  • The vision will enable our audience recover from the huge losses incurred through ignorance.
  • We have a mission of opening the eyes of people to truths hitherto hidden from them.
  • To demystify certain burning issues in Christendom and consequently disabuse people’s minds from the absurd.
  • Our vision is streamlined to making people embrace the second coming of Jesus and to serve as avenue for redeeming souls to the kingdom of God.

Our Story